PhotoViewer stuck on loading spinner

Hi there,

I’ve followed a few posts and Ionic docs in using PhotoViewer, below is my code so far. The URL is passed okay but after tapping on the image - it will get stuck permanently with a loading spinner with no way of getting out. Any hints or clues as to why this might be happening?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

import { PhotoViewer } from 'ionic-native';

selector: ‘hero-image’,

, directives: [ ProtectedDirective ] }) export class HeroImageComponent { @Input() public model:Param; public PhotoViewer: any;

private _platform: Platform
) {

viewFullScreenImage(image: string, title?: string): void {
console.log(‘View Image in Fullscreen clicked’);
.then(() => {
if (PhotoViewer), title);
console.log(‘Image’, image);

I have the same issue. did you ever figure it out?

I’m also having the same issue. The root cause is photo not fully downloaded (either not yet finish download or corrupted) photo viewer will keep spinning for iOS.

I don’t have any solution either.

I also face the problems using PhotoViewer finally solved. Created a demo and video demonstration at
//Ionic 6 Angular Photviewer : How to show a picture from an URL into a Photo Viewer - YouTube

it might be helpful for the issue