PhotoViewer is bugging videos


so I just added the PhotoViewer to my images so I can fullscreen them.
I also have some videos with simple html5 video-tag added to another tab/page.

Everything is working except if I’m watching a video then going back to the image tab and fullscreeing a image, the video back on the video-tab isn’t showing up anymore. (blank screen and the fullscreen video is also blank)

any ideas?

Below code & screenshots:


<img class="lifty-img" (click)="lifti_big_zoom_001()" src="assets/img/lg/lifti-anbieten-lg.jpg" alt="">


lifti_big_zoom_001() { + "www/assets/img/lg/lifti-anbieten-lg.jpg", "Anbieten");


<video controls preload loop muted class="lifty-video" poster="assets/img/lg/lifti-anlehnen-lg.jpg">
  <source src="assets/videos/Lifti_anlehnen.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>

Oh and maybe someone can acutally tell me how I can fix the Iphone X issue with the top status bar :smile: