Replacement for PhotoViewer?

Hi everyone,
So I’ve built an app with Ionic v4, and integrated the camera to take photos. Then i save them as Thumbnails.

When the user presses the thumbnail i want to open the image on full screen. I’ve used Photo Viewer and works when I install the dev apk.

But when I build the final version, jarsigner , zipalign the apk and upload it to play store, the app crashes when I load the PhotoViewer page.

If I remove all the photoviewer code, the app on the Play Store works correctly.

Is there any other plugin that does the same effect?

a day or a few days ago, somebody use . Maybe this is also for you useful. Otherwise, as long you get the datas of your image, you should be able to use any js/ts based photoviewer.

Best regards, anna-liebt