PhoneGap / Cordova In-App Purchase Plugin Fundraiser

NOTE : This is a personal post from me and is not affiliated with Ionic Framework or DriftyCo in any way. I have asked for and received permission to post this here.

I have been using a PhoneGap plugin for In-App Purchases for iOS. I’m really happy with it. Unfortunately, if you need Android IAP’s, you have to use another plugin.

The current developer of the iOS plugin is very nice and helpful. I was having trouble with the iOS version( my fault) and was able to pay him a reasonable rate to consult with me.

He’s had many people request updates to the plugin to include Android IAP’s. However, like most of us, he has a “real” job and can’t afford much time for side projects. He’s started an InideGoGo campaign to raise funds for development of an updated iOS & Android plugin.

It’d be great if the Ionic community could help out with this. If you will ever do In-app Purchases, a single plugin could save you lots of effort.

Here is the campaign :

Right now, he’s shooting for just $1000. However, extra money will go a long way to give him incentive to really polish the plugin and keep it maintained.