PhoneGap closing - will that affect PhoneGap plugins?

Just got an email saying that PhoneGap is shutting down October 20th. Will this affect PhoneGap push plugin and others?

Let me help clarify everything:

PhoneGap Build: shutting down. That is what the email was referring to
PhoneGap CLI: no longer maintained. It was a fork of the Cordova CLI
PhoneGap Developer App: no longer available
PhoneGap Desktop App: no longer maintained. Source code available

Cordova CLI: Active and maintained
Cordova/PhoneGap Plugins: No change. Depends on the plugin author. The Cordova team is still maintaining the ‘core’ plugins.

If you are building with Cordova, which Ionic has traditional done you are fine.

To me, it looks like phonegap-plugin-push won’t be maintained anymore. On GitHub, it says “This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.” I am a bit surprised that there is no “official” push plugin by Cordova (or that Cordova has not taken over the development of the push plugin from Phonegap). I also wasn’t able to find a solid alternative to phonegap-plugin-push. Do you maybe know a plugin I haven’t yet found?

Yes, that sucks big time. I am using it and would not like to move. We’ve contacted the author and he is recommending the Capacitor push plugin. But he hopes that Ionic will maintain an official fork of the plugin.