Support for plugins died

Hi there,

It seems that once I’ve upgraded to angular 1.2.4, support for plugins ceased. I created a brand new cordova project from here. I then tried this plugin. And used full the example at the bottom. Worked great. But then I continued using ionic guide tutorial, and as soon as I added in the angular stuff, bam, no more plugins. Even the console plugin stopped working. Can anyone else replicate this or have any suggestions? Thanks.

Oh dear, no one pay attention to the previous post, @seanhill gets noob points. I commented out the line in my index.html while I was testing in the browser cause I was annoyed of the 404 error I kept getting in the console. Once I uncommented that line, support is back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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+10 noob points to @seanhill :laughing:

Do you have a repo where you have integrated phonegap plugins with ionic?