Ionic side menu and tabs?

Hi all,

TL;DR i have tabs and side menus in my app but when i go on a side menu page the tabs disappear

I am new to ionic 3 and I am developing an app in ionic 3 that has both a side menu and tabs.

I managed to put both the side menus and tabs and get them working(a combination of the sidemenu and the tabs starters), but when you open one of the pages from the side menu all the tabs disappear. I have looked online for a solution to this problem but I have only managed to find examples where the side menu option and the tab direct to the same page.

Can someone please point me into the right direction of how i can make this work? All help is appreciated.

A few weeks ago I created a tutorial on How to Combine Ionic Side Menu and Tabs Navigation, this should give you some new ideas how to achieve it!


hi @saimon, with ionic 1 please ??