Tabbed sidemenu navigation stack

Using the conference template, you get a tabbed application with a sidemenu, if you navigate to a sub-item in one of the tabbed pages, that navigation stack is retained when switching between tabs at the bottom, but not when switching between tabs from the sidemenu. This is because the sidemenu navigates directly to the root url for the page, but tabs use some tab magic(?).

Does anyone know of if it is possible to also retain it when switching with the sidemenu? Use the same tab-switching magic programatically from the side-menu?

I have a similar layout in my own app, where the tabs at the bottom is hidden, but i want to retain the state of the tabs when switching between them. Currently converting from v3 where it works nicely.

Since it works when using the tabbed navigation I am guessing there is some built-in way to handle this. The other option I can see is to create a service that holds the navigation state of each tab.

Hi, my version of the skeleton app of sidemenu + tabs solves your problem, I believe. I have been using both together for a while and have recently updated a skeleton app that does both sidemenu + tab and has full control, i.e.