Working with Paypal Cordova Plugin on ionic2

Can anyone guide how to import Paypal Cordova Plugin in ionic2

I have installed using command $cordova plugin add com.paypal.cordova.mobilesdk

but confused how to import.

I think lots of people need Paypal Plugin in their projects…

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Did you implemented Paypal in Ionic 2? if so, could you please share how do you do? or guide me to.


Yes, I did, but using inappbrowser… still this plugin not working… so meanwhile I am using inappbrowser and PayPal rest API


Thanks for answer.

Could you please send me how to do it?

I will appreciate it.



Check following link, you will get idea how to do it with inappbrwser

after paypal.payment.create() you can pass redirect url to inappbrowser as below

let browser = new InAppBrowser(response.redirectUrl, ‘_blank’, ‘location=no’);