Other alternatives for Auth (January 31, 2018, they will no longer provide the Ionic Auth user authentication service)

Hi guys.

I’m new programming with Ionic.

I was going to use the ionic service authentication system but I have seen that in 2018 it disappears.

Can you tell me some alternative to user authentication by email and Dacebook?

Thank you so so so much!!!

If someone is wondering what the context of this is: Ionic Pro (Update on coming Ionic Cloud changes)

Doesn’t allow Firebase implementing the same functionality?

I did not know this, let me see.

Do you have any examples to integrate this with ionic and angular? My application will be created in Angular and Ionic, so I will not have server code

I have been really struggling to find a decent auth provider that plugs straight into Ionic 3 and works for both mobile and web

Auth0 is buggy and doesn’t work in browser
There isn’t an official Firebase plugin that supports Auth
The AWS starter is incredibly difficult to use IMHO and poorly document

given how straightforward a problem this is I’m very surprised the community doesn’t have a tried and tested solution - does anyone have any suggestions?

Really seems a shame to have to build your own auth - when in other frameworks (like React - it looks as if there are drop in solutions that are likely to work first time)!

What about angularfire2?

They actually have documentation for Ionic in there that you can look at.

I’ve used it in a few project and the auth code never have been easier to write.

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This is a good solution