Maintaining Header when Opening Link in InAppBrowser

Is there any way to keep the header bar of an app visible when opening an external link through the InAppBrowser?

We link out to a user’s Facebook profile in our app, and use InAppBrowser to open the link. We would like our native header and navigation bars to exist when the link is opened. Is this possible?

Hmm doesn’t seem like an Ionic issue, but more of a cordova problem. If your using the inappbrowser, you’re most likely going to have to dive into some native code

Any solution on this? I would like to open a webpage as well, and I need a header with Close or Back button to return.

maybe use an ionic modal with an iframe?
instead opening a new window -> open a modal in your app with an iframe in the ion-content.

But i do not know if this works like expected.

Ho use iframe? But I think that is not a good thing for an app. Maybe reject from stores.

Well in essence, is sort of like an iframe. But again, if you wanted to edit the height of the inappbrowser, you need to edit native code

That makes sense. Thanks!

@mhartington: I 'm facing the same problem. Using iframe becomes more complexity. Is there any alternate way to maintain header in in-app browser? Need help from ionic team.

Please look at my earlier reply, this is something that you’d need to do via the in app browsers and and native code

@mhartington: Ya I understood. Is there any alternate way instead of iframe to display the header when opening link in InApp Browser?

Hello, I came across this problem, too.

But found a fork in github which should be good enough to cater this requirement, plz check it out