Open standard maps app on iOS

Hello there,
I want to open the external maps app, when the user clicks on a link.
I found a lot of solutions on the internet, but nothing seems to work. On android everything works like a charm.
Thats how it is at the moment:


    if ('ios')) {'maps://?q=' + + ',' + offer.position.lng, '_system');
    if ('android')) {'geo://' + + ',' + offer.position.lng + '?q=' + + ',' + offer.position.lng + '(' + offer.ag_name + ')', '_system');

On the console of xCode i dont see any errors or something. It just doesnt work.
I also added

<allow-intent href="maps:*" />

within the config.xml, but it doesnt change anything.

If anyone has a hint for me, that would be great.


Hi, I’m using ionic native launch navigator to do this and it works on android and iOS.

    private launchNavigator: LaunchNavigator
) {
openMap(): void {
    this.launchNavigator.navigate([, this.item.lang]).then(
        success => console.log('Launched navigator'),
        error => console.log('Error launching navigator', error)

Hope this helps!

So, i found a solution:
I kept my original code and just installed the inapp browser.
After that, iOS opens the link with the maps application :slight_smile: