Open native program to navigate to a destination


Hey all, my stupid questions come again! :blush:
I searched trough the forum and found only this: Button opening system map app
The problem is this: I have a link in an app with two coordinates and pressing on that link should let me choose for every map navigation app i have in my smartphone (android and ios).


Anyone could help? I’m stuck at this and can’t come out. :frowning:


The best way to do is to start the desired application by yourself and pass it the latitude and longitude in arguments.
You can use this plugin Cordova “” for this.


Thank you for the answer, but I want give to the user the option to choose which app start. Is there a way to do it?


It’s possible with solution that I propose, you test apps available inside the smartphone and propose the choose to users.
You can memorize the choice or offer it every time.


Thank you, @jimibi. I’ll try out this, today, then I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


Nice, just knew if we able to detect other package app in our phone:)


It is necessary to know the package name to test its presence, this is the only problem.
You can test this: “”, only for Android, but I haven’t tried it.


Sorry, but this is not what i’m searching. Maybe I explained myself bad, but i need something like “open with” and then the user can choose which app should use that link.