Open facebook page using facebook app


I’m also using crosswalk.
Is there a way to open a facebook link to a page using the facebook app instead the default browser or the inappbrowser?

I tried this:

var ID = 1010101010000;
var full_URL = "" + ID;, '_system');    'fb:' + full_URL);'fb:' + '' + ID);'' + ID, '_system');

but nothing worked.
Then I installed the cordova-plugin-inappbrowser plugin and now I succeeded in opening the facebook app from my app by doing:'facebook://' + ID, '_system', 'location=no');
the problem is that it just opens the facebook app and it does not redirect to the actual page with that ID.

Any help?


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This always works for me

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Ok thanks, and do you have the inappbrowser plugin installed too?
What do I have to put in path? Thanks

I tried"facebook://pages/" + ID);"facebook://" + full_URL);

but the app crashes.

I also tried:"facebook://pages/" + ID, '_system');

and now it opens the facebook app, but still it does not redirect to the facebook page I want.

i have same problem… and i found this solution. it’s works…

ok thanks, so in javascript what did you do?

i just install inappbrowser and AppAvailability plugin, then in my controller:

        // facebook is installed'fb://page/YOUR_PAGE_ID', '_system', 'location=no');
        // facebook is not installed,
        // then open play store to download and install facebook'market://details?id=com.facebook.katana', '_system', 'location=no');

in android it worked like a charm
however, in IOS at first i had a permission problem.

after fixing it, now the facebook app crashes right after it opens

Try this - it should be page and not pages… it worked for me :“fb://page/” + ID, ‘_system’, ‘location=no’);


it’s work very good…thanks