Open facebook page using facebook app



I’m also using crosswalk.
Is there a way to open a facebook link to a page using the facebook app instead the default browser or the inappbrowser?

I tried this:

var ID = 1010101010000;
var full_URL = "" + ID;, '_system');    'fb:' + full_URL);'fb:' + '' + ID);'' + ID, '_system');

but nothing worked.
Then I installed the cordova-plugin-inappbrowser plugin and now I succeeded in opening the facebook app from my app by doing:'facebook://' + ID, '_system', 'location=no');
the problem is that it just opens the facebook app and it does not redirect to the actual page with that ID.

Any help?



This always works for me


Ok thanks, and do you have the inappbrowser plugin installed too?
What do I have to put in path? Thanks


I tried"facebook://pages/" + ID);"facebook://" + full_URL);

but the app crashes.

I also tried:"facebook://pages/" + ID, '_system');

and now it opens the facebook app, but still it does not redirect to the facebook page I want.


i have same problem… and i found this solution. it’s works…


ok thanks, so in javascript what did you do?


i just install inappbrowser and AppAvailability plugin, then in my controller:

        // facebook is installed'fb://page/YOUR_PAGE_ID', '_system', 'location=no');
        // facebook is not installed,
        // then open play store to download and install facebook'market://details?id=com.facebook.katana', '_system', 'location=no');


in android it worked like a charm
however, in IOS at first i had a permission problem.

after fixing it, now the facebook app crashes right after it opens


Try this - it should be page and not pages… it worked for me :“fb://page/” + ID, ‘_system’, ‘location=no’);


it’s work very good…thanks