Using Crosswalk, how to open links OUTSIDE of the app in the system browser?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this, I have tried pretty much everything looking at forums. Is there a way to open links in the system browser if we are taking advantage of Crosswalk in our application? I can get it to work fine without crosswalk, but I need crosswalk for my project. Also, no matter what I do with links, they open inside the app with no way to get back to the original app itself, just stuck in the browser.

Did you ever find a way to do this? I’m in the same situation. Tried using target="_system" in a tags. Also tried just doing $ but no luck.

Hey man. So after all my searching and borderline autism, I realized that I actually DIDNT have the inappbrowser plugin installed when i was sure that I did. Once I installed that, using _system as the target when opening links worked like a charm.

ahh ok thanks for the response. Yeah I think I just missed something too as the‘url’, ‘_system’); seems to work for me now as well.