Would like to open facebook app page, but opens only facebook home page

I’m trying to add a link inside my app to open my facebook page on the native facebook app.

Problem is that it only opens the facebook app and there is no redirection to my page. I use inside my controller

$window.open('fb://page/MY_FB_PAGE_ID', '_system', 'location=no');

and I get the following Xcode console error :

Failed to load webpage with error: CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1

Any idea how to fix it ?

Thank you

Does calling this URL in the default browser work and open the app plus redirect to the page you want?

Hi @Sujan12, thanks for your reply. I tried to open fb://profile from iphone safari and it works great. If I change fb://page/MY_FB_PAGE_ID it doesn’t (only opens the app and shows : " Nothing to display"). The thing is i’m pretty sure that MY_FB_PAGE_ID is correct.

Question 1 : How to verify that my fb id is definitely correct ?
Question 2 : Is this due to the syntax of ‘facebook request’ page ?

Sorry, I have no idea about FB deeplinks. But whatever your problem, you have to find the correct URL first before you can continue - that’s why I asked to make sure the URL actually works.

In the API, it says to call the following URL :


Should I write




and add an argument to replace " %s " ??

Doesn’t matter.

BUT fb://page/ doesn’t work anymore, you have to use fb://profile/now. That worked for me:
fb://page/221849021186247 vs fb://profile/221849021186247 (via http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16589367/open-link-to-facebook-page-from-ios-app#comment26446038_16591116)

And if you are not sure you are using the correct ID: http://findmyfbid.com/

I didn’t know that fb://page/ was no longer working.fb://profile/MY_ID works great now, but it seemed unappropriate to me to use /profile in order to display a page. Thank you @Sujan12 you made my day.

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