Open div positioned above a tabs

Hi all, I have a ion-view with a ion-tabs.

    <ion-tab title="Home" icon-on="ion-ios-filing" icon-off="ion-ios-filing-outline">
        <!-- Tab 1 content -->

    <ion-tab title="About" icon-on="ion-ios-clock" icon-off="ion-ios-clock-outline">
        <!-- Tab 2 content -->

    <ion-tab id="sharetab" title="Share" icon-on="ion-share" icon-off="ion-share" on-select="pippo()">
        <!-- Tab 3 content -->


I want to use last tab (id=sharetabs) for share icons (fb, tw, g+). I know that I need to use on-click() function to call a function. But how can i set the “share div” position above the last tab ?

I have create this function in my controller:

$scope.pippo = function() {

but I receive this:

TypeError: element[0].getBoundingClientRect is not a function

Where is my error ?
Has someone a script that I can see to replicate what I want to do ?
How can I create one think like a div that