scrollTo method for ion-tabs

How do you set scroll position for the ion-content generated by <ion-tabs>? i.e.

  <div class="tabs-inner"> <---- generated from ion-tabs component template
      <ion-content> <--- trying to set scroll position for this container


bump - was directed to post here from slack but crickets…

Can your provide a more complete example? it’s not clear what you are trying to do

I made a repro in github off the ionic 5 tabs starter

I would like, from this line^, to set the scroll position for the active tab. I will have a button that lives outside the tab itself that will scroll the active tab content to its top. I have tried using @ViewChild to dig into the children of my element, but that feels janky and doesn’t seem to work.

In writing this I’m thinking that maybe creating elements inside of ion-tabs that aren’t actual tabs is an anti-pattern? Maybe that’s why this seems so impossible?