How to position fixed of any div in ion-content

How to position fixed of any div in ion-content. I don’t want to put div above ion-content. there is any way to do this.Thanks in advance

Please be more specific, this question doesn’t make any sense.

How to fix what? And ion-content has to do with it?

simple… follow the steps:

  1. DO not add a div to your ion-content
  2. Done!

Like Gajotres said… more info please

Imma go for a blind shot here and assume you are talking about getting a fixed div in every ion-content without having to put it in each time? If I got it right you could give a look at abstract states (I believe they can be used for something like that) but maybe it’s not very clean, you could create your own directive too.

hey please help me.i gave you more info.

I agree that if you want people to help then this is way too little info. What is the purpose of the ‘fixed div’? Should ion-content be scrollable or not? Is the fixed-div an additional header (there is a “subheader” style/component in Ionic which you might use then) ?

I did something in my app which sounds more or less like this (I had 3 tabs and every tab had a fixed info block below the header and above the scrollable content), to avoid repetition I used ng-include (or you could create a directive).

Long shot but I could give you some code if you want?

I can fixed div or other html element above ion-content using position absolute and top positioning. That is all right but if some div or other html element are in ion content they will be scroll. So I want to avoid it. Positioning is not working on it.
Thanks leob


Okay, but then why are you putting the other div or element in ion-content?

You can just leave the div/element outside (before ion-content), or is that not possible?

I am binding that div with firebase data so there is scenario that I must have to out that div