One way to have the same display on iOS and Android

I’m working on a Ionic commercial project, and need to release an app on iOS and Android platforms.

I did all the development under Android using the crosswalk plugin, but when I ported to iOS some CSS/HTML was broken and not displayed the way it should and was on Android’s crosswalk.

What plugin/solution can I use to get this working on both platforms?

Thank you.

You need to make some changes in Ionic code so as to work exactly same as that of android. If you can share a particular requirement will answer accordingly.

Hello baviskarmitesh6h, thanks for your answer,

What do you mean by ‘changes in Ionic code’? My own code or Ionic’s core one?

So there’s no way to have a browser acting the same way on both platforms?

You need to add some other extra code within your code that is working fine in android but causing some issues on IOS platform. e.g. click on tab event may not be behaving properly so can add preventdefault kind of hack to it. So if you specify your specific issue I can answer to it.

Okay, I mainly have issues with flexboxes and SVG animations. Will give you detail soon.

Why are $ionicPopup not snapping when focused?

On Android, they go up a little so we can actually see the input, on iOS its hidden by the keyboard…