Css in ionic framework is broken in android 4.X

Goodnight everyone , I have a problem when using the ionic framework , I am making an application everything is working , at least I believed it was , the application is running perfectly on the brower and the android versions 5 or higher, that’s when I decided tested In version 4 , the features still work but the CSS was broken in some parts of the application both in the emulator when the device, anyone know what might be causing this?

See http://ionicframework.com/docs/cli/browsers.html but quick fix is :

ionic browser add crosswalk

which version of navegor you believe that fix my problem ?

I think if you simply do the above cli command in your Apps root folder it will be OK. Personally, however, I have been using 13.42.319.6 (which is a beta) with good success.

ionic browser add crosswalk@13.42.319.6

Work fine Thanks ! :smile:

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Please note also that Crosswalk has also some drawbacks like adding 16 MB to your app size and also it has some issues.

You have another soluction for my problem ?