Official Docs of ngCordova plugins broken?

Hallo Team,

Many of the ngCordova plugins Official Documentation link seem to be broken. Could you guys please have a look.


Thanks in advance

Anything in particular? They seem to be okay

I think he meant the “Official docs” links that appear on the top right of each plugin page.


The camera plugin now has docs for different languages.

Ahh alright, thanks for the heads up.

Hi @joseadrian,

How would one get access to “Official Docs” for plugins on GIt if they are shown from the links on ngCordova page?

Most of the plugins that have broken links are from the The Apache Software Foundation. It looks like they decided to provide documentation for different languages.

Most of the ‘Official docs’ links on ngCordova from Apache have this structure:

Just remove You will se a list of languages (shortened).

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