ngCordova plugins with Ionic View

Hi, apologies for bad formatting and if this is in the wrong section, I am posting from my phone.

So I have a question. I’ve tried a few different app prototypes on Ionic view, and I noticed that the camera plugin works fine with it, but many other ngCordova plugins like crosswalk do not.

Any idea why? And can it be fixed?

Thank you.


I faced the same problem. None of my installed ngcordova plugins are working on ionic view ;(

i’ve similar problem too, but when i find the documentation , ionic view only supported to this plugins :

Supported plugins
The following is a list of plugins supported by View:
com.brodysoft.sqlitePlugin 1.0.3 "Brodysoft SQLitePlugin"com.ionic.keyboard 1.0.3 "Keyboard"com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner 1.1.0 "BarcodeScanner"org.apache.cordova.battery-status 0.2.12 "Battery" 0.3.4 "Camera"org.apache.cordova.console 0.2.12 "Console"org.apache.cordova.device 0.2.13 "Device"org.apache.cordova.device-motion 0.2.11 "Device Motion"org.apache.cordova.device-orientation 0.3.10 "Device Orientation"org.apache.cordova.dialogs 0.2.11 "Notification"org.apache.cordova.geolocation 0.3.11 "Geolocation"org.apache.cordova.globalization 0.3.3 "Globalization" 0.2.14 "Network Information"org.apache.cordova.vibration 0.3.12 "Vibration" 1.0.0 “Zip”

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