Ridicoulos stupid doc of ngcordova

  $cordovaPlugin.someFunction().then(success, error);

^ what the heck is .someFunction there? I have no clue how to use the plugin in ngcordova.com

which plugin do you want to use?
could you post link to where you copied above line??


cant fint the line:

 $cordovaPlugin.someFunction().then(success, error);

in the docs for InAppBrowser…

The docs are ok for me…

@jamesbond the ngcordova docs arent always up to date, your best bet is to look at the source code to see whats available in the plugin

I usually just go to the Github page of the plugin in question. MUCH more documentation there, although it may not always be in the Angular style. For that, I look through the source code.

here http://ngcordova.com/docs/install/