Unable to update ionic cli


node v0.12.7
npm v2.11.3
ionic v1.6.1

unable to update to v1.6.4 :confused:
tried everything, npm install -g ionic is not updating it


Let’s try sudo npm uninstall -g ionic and then a fresh install sudo npm i -g ionic


I’m on windows (x64)

and tried npm uninstall -g ionic and then npm i -g ionic… didn’t work :frowning:

did ionic -v
resulted in 1.6.1

And I have to use ionic io init, which isn’t available in 1.6.1 :frowning:


Check your PATH environment variable, it may include old nodeJS folders


The great thing is that I can use ionic commands even after uninstalling ionic using

npm uninstall -g ionic
npm cache clean

:smiley: lol


i have the same issue.
I’m using ubuntu 14.04 and removed it using “sudo npm uninstall -g ionic”. I installed it again and still get ionic 1.6.1. Any idea?


It’s a strange solution. But…

I had the same issue in Ubuntu 14.04.


$ whereis ionic

I get the result: /usr/bin/ionic

Removing this file and installing again with:

# npm install -g ionic

solved my problem.