Chips release ionic 2

I am using ionic beta.25 and we need chips and you announced that you are working on .
I would like to know when will it be released ?

The beta version number you are referencing is the Ionic CLI version, not the framework version. The current beta release is 7.

Looks like chips are scheduled for beta.11:

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How can I know with which beta I am working with ?

When I run “ionic -v” , it gives me " 2.0.0-beta.25"

Hello @mwanas

Running ionic --v will return the ionic-cli version. You will be installing ionic framework using node npm. So whatever the version you have in package.json will be the version of ionic framework. If you want to check which version of ioni framework you are using, then run the command npm info ionic-angular version from your root folder (where you have your package.json file). Hope this will help.


You can also run npm list --depth=0 to check all the dependencies your project is using. If you don’t specify –depth=0 you will get all the packages internal dependencies as well.

I would recommend you to check out the linked post, it should help you understand the difference: