Not Secure Apk

How can be secured ionic 1 created Apk because everyone debug the code from apk, So How can add security features in ionic ?

You can minify your code using gulp

Not Working from my side any another option ?

Based upon your comment of 'everyone debug the code from apk", I’m going to assume by “security features” you mean “I don’t want people to be able to read secrets embedded in my app”. You can’t. Anything your app can access, anybody with a copy of the app binary can access. This battle has been going on for at least 40 years, and the crackers will always win. The only way to properly implement security in mobile apps is on the server side, where you control access.

if we add some securities like jscrambler and proguard but this is not working on my side , you have any solution please tell me .

Thanks for your reply.

I’m telling you this is pointless. There is no “solution”. Stop worrying about this and do something productive.

I am wondering if Ionic 2+ is any more secure than Ionic 1? Anybody know?

APKs are not secure. You can make your backend secure, but not your front-facing code. You’re programming in a browser. Every line of code, every asset, can be read with the click of a mouse, just as you could read the source code of this web page right now.


From that standpoint Ionic v1 and Ionic 2+ are 100% identical: JS code in a zip file renamed as apk.

I know this post is old - but out of interest, is it even possible to view the APK file when it is download and installed via Google play store? I have looked on my android device and can not see the files anywhere despite the app being installed.