No URL for page in Ionic

Hi Team,

For every page in ionic 3 , URL is not changing. Each time I am refreshing it get back to my login page and Even I am unable to share link to my particular page.

Is there any way to get URL as well for each page???


Actually want you want to do?

By using segment
I am able to get url in browser

but after login page I am using Side menu page then url become

then when Ia again navigating to login page (on logout)
url become http://localhost:8100/#/sidemenu/login
but it is wrong it should be like http://localhost:8100/#/login

Got my problem???

You can try like this.

import {IonicApp, Page, NavController, MenuController} from 'ionic/ionic'; 
import {TabsPage} from '../tabs/tabs'; 
import {SignupPage} from '../signup/signup'; 
import {UserData} from '../../providers/user-data';
 templateUrl: 'build/pages/login/login.html' 
 export class LoginPage { 

 constructor(nav: NavController, userData: UserData, menu: MenuController) { 

 this.nav = nav; 
 this.userData = userData; 
 this.login = {}; 
 this.submitted = false; = menu; 
  onLogin(form) {
  this.submitted = true; 
  if (form.valid) { 
  	this.userData.login(); this.nav.push(TabsPage); 

onSignup() { 
onPageDidEnter() { 
	// the left menu should be disabled on the login page; 
onPageDidLeave() { 
	// enable the left menu when leaving the login page; 

this is nice but it will not solve the url problem.
by using this.appCtrl.getRootNav().setRoot(“LoginPage”) inside logout function I am able to manage correct url.