Ionic get URL of a page/view

How can I get the URL of a Page I want to go to?
I’m reloading my app on logout, but I’d like to redirect straight to the good page to avoid contents flashes on app reload.

Or if you have any example on how you’re handling your logout with page reload, I’m curious.

Don’t reload the page.

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That would imply to clean all our services / users data, and as we don’t have much time for this, we were looking for an easier solution. I’m surprised there is no way of getting the URL to some page…

There probably is, I have no idea, but in general I recommend the “right” solutions here - and logging out a user should not require reloading the whole app.

Your users might say the same thing about being forced to reload all app code so needlessly.

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You’re absolutely right. But as it’s an almost unused feature for this app, we were looking for an easy “2 sec” solution. If they are none, we will clean the providers the right way in a next iteration. :slight_smile:

Still I’m surprised there is no way to guess an url…