About navigation history on ionicframework when side menu is loaded with ion-nav-view directive?


My purpose is to specifiy different side menu for each tab . When I enter signup state with signup button , I can see left arrow icon at navbar , but if I load side menu with ion-nav-view directive instead of pure html , this left arrow icon is disappeared when I enter to signup state by clicking signup button.

How navigation history is affected on this case ?

How can i load different side menu for each ionic tab by specifying view name at state provider ? I want to load them from different templates .



Can you walk through the steps to create the problem? I can’t quite follow.


  • Load CodePen sample
  • Click the purple “Signup” button
  • Note the “back” arrow in the nav bar

What steps are you taking to NOT see the back button? Also, how are you getting the side menu to open at all?


In html file there are these lines .

      <header class="bar bar-header bar-royal">
              <div class="title">Service Menu</div>

            <ion-content has-header="true">

              <ul class="list">

              <a ui-sref="" class="item">Menu 1</a>
                <a ui-sref="" class="item">Menu 2</a>
                <a ui-sref="" class="item">Menu 3</a>

If I change these lines with this

<ion-nav-view name="menuPublic"></ion-nav-view>

the problem can be observable with steps you described. I have created another pen which has the problem I described.

By the way , I have tried to using ui-view directive instead of ion-nav-view directive to load side menu template . In this way , I can see history button as I expected when I click signup button.

You can click nav button at navbar to open side menu . My purpose is to load this menu from different templates for each tab. Side menu is loaded from template at second pen.


Gotcha. I think it is related to this issue:

It seems the devs feel a back button in tabs is not so good an idea. https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/612

However, I have already opened issue # 737 to ask to support it with left-buttons : https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/737

LOL: The menu thing. I am so used to the menu icon on the left that I never noticed the one on the right.