No network connection on iOS

Hi, I’m testing my app on iOS and Android. Android works great (although animations are a bit choppy).

iOS is super-smooth, but I don’t get any network access. Kind of a big deal. This happens both when I run ionic run ios for the simulator and when I run the app on a physical iPhone.

I use the proxies setting for running the app on my development machine’s browser, and then remove the proxy setting to deploy to Android. That’s been working great on web & Android.

It’s not working on iOS. Is there some special arrangement for allowing network access for an iOS app?

EDIT: Not that it helps much, but Safari console just says “Failed to load resource: The requested URL was not found on this server.”

I realized it was iOS 9’s HTTPS requirement, for which I’m adding the work-around mentioned here.

In the process I screwed up my plist file…but that’s another issue.