No internet access on IOS


Hi there,

I’m developing a new app with cordova, ionic.
Everything working fine but al of sudden i guess after some updates, my app has no access to internet, not on a device not on the simulator.
Can someone help me with this?


Check your access origin in the iOS config.xml. To whitelist everything you could use:

<access origin="*" />

Also if you set it up, check your Content-Security-Policy in your index.html.


If you have updated to iOS 9, make sure you’re accessing your server in https.


Thank you for your answers, i did not access my server in https and yes it was on IOS9.
Now i’m using https and it works, thank you !!


I do have the same problem but I’m on ios 8.4.

I’ve already set up the whitelist plugin, on android is working fine but on ios every external http request just fail.
Any ideas?


I had to switch to https, after that every request works


This is weird, now https works om IOS and Android but wp8 doesn’t accepts https request and accepts only http.