No native screen size


I have noticed that the screen resolution of ionic is not the same of the device. The page is stretched. The screen isn’t ugly. You only recognize the differents by reading the window inner size on runtime.

The native screen size of the Samsnung Galaxy Tab Active (SM-T365) is (in landscape):
1280x800 px

The measured screen size in ionic is:
962x601 px


(btw. I think this is one reason why google maps (js) tiles have a gap between. the background shines through. A issue of scaled elements. especially smooth drawing.)


The difference between native resolution and the resolution of ionic is over 56% smaller. Is there an option in ionic to set the screen size. Maybe a High-DPI option? The screen looks a bit blurry.

Or am I the only one with this problem? I think not.


Doesn’t anyone have an idea? Write what you think about. I need attention. :smiley:
That’s really a problem. The view is stretched from low resolution as descripted above.

A test app with the android studio returns the correct resolution (1280x800) with with code.

        Display display = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay();
        Point size = new Point();
        int width = size.x;
        int height = size.y;

Platform.width() / .height() also returns the wrong size. (962x601)
Update: window.devicePixelRatio returns 1.3312500715255737 (e.g. 800/601)
It’s looks like ionic / cordova ignores the pixel ratio.


Wow, no life form in this forum?

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i feel that way too, i am searching my screen issue, but nope, nothing helped me. so much questions but answers not enough. i will look stackoverflow too.