No Keyboard



I am testing on an android 2.3x device and noticed that the keyboard never pops up when clicking on an input box. Do I need to explicitly open the keyboard or should it occur naturally? (HTC EVO 4g)


Some things to note, we are dropping support for android 2.3…as there are many issues with it and it’s very small market share.


The distribution chart has it listed as more than 10%


90% is still an A if this was college… :smile:

With the new version of android coming out soon and what google is doing to make sure it’s readily available, we’re expecting 2.3 to basically fall off the face of the earth.

Plus the amount of work we would need to do to make sure everything functions on 2.3, it just wouldn’t be work it. Ionic is a framework for the future. If that means that 2.3 and iOS6 need to get dropped, then good.

The only way to move forward is to stop supporting old platforms and let them go.