Hide Keyboard on Android 2.3


During the tests in my Ionic App, I found a problem in Android 2.3.

If you focus an input the keyboard shows up, but it will never hide after that. The events focus() and blur() are fired up, but nothing happens with the keyboard.

Only happens here, with a single angular input outside Ionic framework there’s no problems, que keyboard hides when you do a blur or click outside the input.

Only happens with the stock browser for Android 2.3.x. I tested in 2 different Roms and the default 2.3 emulator, the error happens, if I move to 4.0 or higher there’s no problem.

We do not support android 2.3, because of it’s very old/limiting apis.

Ok, thank you for your answer, I know it’s old but in my company we still need to support it.

I was able to put everything to work like the 4.0+ (except the keyboard), so I think you support almost everything.

I will try to find the what is causing this problem with the keyboard, if I can fix it I will put the solution here, might help someone.