No icons shown on Android

I migrated my Ionic v3 project to Ionic v4 (4.2.0). Everything works fine with ionic serve, but when I run the app on an Android device I get the following error from polyfills.js on the console of the device:

Fetch API cannot load file:///android_asset/www/svg/md-arrow-down.svg. URL scheme “file” is not supported.

Am I missing something in the setup? Do I need to use the cordova-plugin-ionic-webview ?

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Hi did you see these topics?

They seem to have the same problem.


Yes, I think I read nearly every post regarding this problem. But almost every post is from last year and is referencing beta or RC versions.
I was wondering if no one else has these problems with the current version. The config of my project is taken from a fresh generated project with Ionic CLI. So I would expect that it must run “out of the box”. Not only in the simulation in the browser.

Using cordova-plugin-ionic-webview solved this for me.

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generate platform android with version >= 7.0.0

ionic cordova platform add android@7.0.0