Ionicons not coming up after migrating from ionic 4 to ionic 5

I was successfully able to migrate the my existing ionic 4 app to 5 by following the steps as is in the blog

I migrated to latest ionic 4 version and then upgraded to 5.
My app is up and running. But I have major problem of ion icons not loading…
it throws the following error for almost all of my icons used across the app.
zone.js:1118 GET http://localhost:8100/svg/funnel.svg 404 (Not Found)
Kindly help

I guess i found the solution for the above problem.
The angular.json file needs to have the correct path for the icons under the assets

                            "glob": "**/*.svg",

                            "input": "node_modules/ionicons/dist/ionicons/svg",

                            "output": "./svg"


The icons change log is link is broken in above article see:

There is a range of icons deleted and renamed