ngStorage/local storage question...again

Hi, sorry to bring this up again. I came here looking for some guidance on how to install ngStorage (used the bower installer and it all it did was download a folder to plugins directory).

Anyway…while searching on here, I came across the post below saying it doesn’t work for ios builds anyway, which is what I need it for…

Just wanted to know if I was wasting my time trying to install it and if I should look at other methods, or has the issue mentioned been fixed and it now works with ios?

I only need to save one array to storage so it looked like a nice simple solution.


Depending on the size of an array, you could always just use

 window.localStorage.myArray = data.array ;

That begin said, I’ve never used ngStorage so I’m not too familiar with it

Sorry for the late reply.

Your solution worked perfectly! Thank you!