Ionic app ngStorage not working in iOS device when downloaded from iTunes

We have used ngStorage to store menu data to populate the menu. I have tested the app in Xcode Simulator, it worked fine and export the app to iPhone using Xcode and it all worked fine.

But when i upload the app using Xcode Application Loader to iTunes and download it to an iOS device, it can do oAUTH authentication successfully with server but the menu data to store in local ngStorage not working. While it was doing perfect in the same iOS device when exported using Xcode. What wrong Iā€™m doing in generating IPA file and uploading using Application Loader?

> _var app = angular.module('iCellular', ['ionic', 'ionic-datepicker', 'ngCordova', 'ngRoute', 'ngStorage', 'ngIdle']);_

_ $localStorage.privMenus = data.privMenus;_
_ $localStorage.accounts = data.accounts;_
_ $localStorage.welcomeVal = {_
_ fName: data.fName,_
_ lName: data.lName,_
_ welcomeText: data.welcomeText,_
_ transactional: data.transactional,_
_ currentAppVersion: data.currentAppVersion_
_ }_

NB: The developed app is fully functioning in Android Store(Google Play).

I think it might help you

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Basically, Cordova device id was not working in iOS and hence the whole system was not working. Thanks for your suggestion.