Ionic 1: iOS 10 local storage issue


Since the iOS 10 upgrade of some devices we have issues to write the local storage in our Ionic App. With iOS 9.x everything worked fine. Reading from local storage does still work but saving data is failing.

We use ngStorage and Cordova WKWebView Polyfill Plugin (incl. GCDWebServer plugin)

Does anyone encounter the same problem ?
Any ideas how to fix the issue?


I’m experiencing the same issue. Supposedly this was fixed in iOS 10 beta -

The issue is happening for me on iOS 10 - I’m using Meteor which at the moment is forcing you to use WKWebview unfortunately. I may just end up using sql-storage.

Hi djflocko,

Did you find any fix for this? I am also experiencing the same issue, where nothing can be saved in local storage for ios10. Everything worked fine with ios9.x . Getting an error:
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘$window.localStorage.registerPushId = data.registrationId’)

any help will be much appreciated.


Unfortenately not. I’m removed WkWebView Plugin and switched back to UIWebView . There the local Storage works.

Tested the WkWebView Version with latest Beta 10.1 Beta 2 but there the local storage ist still not working

Thanks for your reply. I am also using UIWebView and now the local storage works