ngMaterial does not work with ionic ui-routes

I followed the tutorial on
I downloaded the source and I’m having a lot of fun with it, everything work just fine.
I encounter some problems when trying to go further by adding the angular-material.
I added some button on the second page of the into.html and it works (I could see the nice waves etc…)
I added the same buttons on the main.html page (templates behind the angular ui routes) and the buttons does not works anymore.
I have to refresh the page to make them work.
Obviously it does not work with the android and the ios emulators.
I made a github for this:
Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

I encountered another problem with Ionic + ngMaterial.

Tabs do not mange their history properly anymore if ngMaterial is injected. In that case every ion-nav-back-button routes back to the state from which the app was loaded / reloaded. This does only occur while emulating mobile devices. In a normal browser the issue doesn’t occur.