What to expect from ngMaterial?

I just stumbled on ngMaterial. My next google search was “ngMaterial vs Ionic”, since ngMaterial almost looks like a competitor, and with the exact same spin as Ionic’s approach. Then I saw that it’s primary contributors are Ionic devs, and that y’all are hiring for devs on the ngMaterial project.

Sounds like a side-project then. As in, it might get incorporated into the Ionic framework itself? Is ngMaterial something which can presently be used to replace Ionic for Android deployments? Ie, how should we understand this project?

Angular Material is a side project with the angular team to create a set of material-design inspired components complimentary to what is being done in polymer.

Since some of the devs are aslo working on it, we are planning to pull some things into ionic, but down the road after it matures a bit. It’s still in flux at the moment.

Basically its a place for us to draw some inspiration down the road.

I have successfully incorporated most of angular-material into Ionic(nightly). Looks and works great.


Would you mind sharing the project skeleton, that would be very handy for folks trying to use ngMaterial with ionic

sure @pratyoosh, I will post a link soon my friend.

Appreciate Sir!! :smile: that would be a nice thanksgiving segway!!

@praytoosh sorry I dont have a seed or skeleton yet, but its pretty straight forward. You have to be on ionic nightly, and you must download angular-aria. Other than that, everything worked fine. The only conflicts I have is what theming to use. Ultimately, I use Ionic for app level css, angular-material for material related css, including layout

Post Your code. Want to see it.

@Hendrixer thanks mate!! will go ahead & give it a shot

Hi, I tried using ngMaterial but I am having an issue. For example, I tried to use md-button but it shows up like this. Can you please help?

You can take a look at this: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/emqrWO
and this: http://plnkr.co/edit/lfVVa4KAUkOFLOL1nQET?p=preview