ngCordova, App Icons, and Ionic View


I installed ngCordova and added it to my dependencies and it builds fine and runs on both android and ios emulators, as well as Ionic View. At this point I have simply added ngCordova to my dependencies in app.js, as well as included it in index.html after ionic/angularjs and before cordova.js and have not made any calls to it.

However, I just altered the config.xml with <platform> tags adding ios and android links to icons, as well as an icons folder in the root app folder (same folder where config.xml lives) and now my app shows only a white screen in Ionic View.

I also noticed the app size in Ionic View went from 2.0mb to 6.0mb after the addition of the icons. I have also cleared the app data and re-downloaded it multiple times, same result.

Does anyone know what could have gone wrong? The app was working fine in Ionic View before the addition of the icons

Completely re-installing the Ionic View app has fixed the problem.

If only I could figure out how to delete this thread…