Icon and Splashscreen caching in iOS Simulator - ok from Xcode

I hope it is ok to open another topic about Cordova. Maybe it would be useful to add a new tag Cordova (or ngCordova) to the forum categories.

I created all the necessary ios and Android icons and splashscreen and replaced the cordova ones in the resources / res folders. Everything is ok for Android. For iOS I see the right icons and splash-screens if I run the app from inside the Xcode project, while if I do “ionic emulate ios” I see the old cordova icons and splashscreens.

I already reset content and settings in the iOS Emulator with no success. How can I clear this “caching”?

Thank you,

Have you run ionic build or cordova prepare before emulation?

Yes. It’s very strange. I always do ionic prepare and ionic build, but the emulator shows the old cordova splash screen which is no more in the resource directory. From Xcode I see the right icons and splash screens and running the emulator from there everything is fine.