App hangs on white screen after adding 'ngCordova'


I added the ng-cordova.js file to my index.html before the cordova.js file.

I then added ngCordova to my module:

var app = angular.module('app', ['ionic', 'app.controllers', 'ngCordova'])

When I ionic run ios my app and then open it, I see the splash screen and then it hangs on a white screen.

Any thoughts?


could be a lot of things.

Are u sure u’re using the right ngCodorva? For example if u installed with bower, there are two ng-cordova and ngCordova lib, the second is the right one.

if you’re on a mac, you can inspect your app with Safari and see if the console can help.


i’ve had this a couple of times, if you use the costum build on it exlcudes the angular module ngcordova.plugins so i had to manually add it, here’s a sample with some of the plugins inside it

angular.module('ngCordova.plugins', [