ngAnimate not adding ng-enter classes in Ionic V1 app


I have an ionic v1 app. I want to add a basic animation to an element when it gets added to the view via ng-repeat. Reading the docs, the element should have a ng-enter class I can use to add CSS animations but it doesn’t.

ngAnimate is included with Ionic. I’m loading the module:

angular.module('app', [

Here’s view code which uses ng-repeat:

<div class="entry" ng-repeat="message in messages | orderBy:'-id'">{{message}}

When I dynamically add a message to $scope.messages it gets added to the view as you would expect but it does not contain the ng-enter class which according to the docs it should.

I’m using ionic version 1.3.3, Angular 1.5.3 and ngAnimate 1.5.3.

What am I missing? Thanks.

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