My animations are not working :(

My animations are not working and I don’t know why. I have a fairly complex Ionic app and am using ionic.bundle.js (which includes ngAnimate) from Ionic 1.3. I don’t see any .ng-enter and .ng-leave classes being added in views that are a little deeper into my hierarchy. Is there anything in my controllers or views that could prevent .ng-enter and .ng-leave from being added?

Are you using tabs? If so, I’m running into a similar issue with 1.3.1 (in my case, the title not updating and $ionicView events not being triggered on certain tabs), which I think is already being looked into by Ionic here:

It’s not a 1.3.1 issue, unfortunately, since it’s been around since at least 1.2 for me. Thanks for the link to the bug report, though, this is something I am also experiencing and the reason I haven’t updated to 1.3.1 so far.