Newbie question about Angular VS. "standard html" script

Hi there,
i am making further steps in learning about the IONIC framework. My question is if anyone can tell me where the difference of the two script-parts is.
I have just created an app via the CLI with the blank template and when i insert the above script, the input fields appear but i can not click inside it. The “oldschool” html part works perfect. I just want to make sure that i am not missing here anything! Thanks in advance!

So what is the difference between these ways of scripting and why does the angular (?) version do not work?

The browser doesn’t know there tags: <ion-list> and other ion. Ionic-angular generates the html code by there tags (components).

Thanks for your response!
That sounds logic as this is no “standard html” tag.
If i understand that right, this means that the <ion-list>tag will on be shown while debugging
directly on the phone or once it is build, correct?

I am using the ionic serve tag via the CLI so that i can code with a live preview.
Can i stick with the “oldschool” version or should i use the ionic-angular version?

Thanks again for your help and time!

This tag shows always, but it’s ignored by the browser. On runtime, Angular will create native HTML (append HTML from the component template).
So you could use native HTML or Ionic components without limit. Ionic components are native HTML + phone style + little logic. You don’t have to use it, but I recommend you, because it’s ready code and compatibility to OS version.

PS. I strongly recommend you read about Angular 2.

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For the last weeks i have tried out several frameworks.
I am more skilled in design than in programming so i tried out nearly every framework available.
My first complete app was with Framework7 - looked ok but worked out as it needs little to none of Angular.
Than i stopped over at Onsen - here i am stuck because of the limitation of bilding 3 APK files per day.
So now i went back to Ionic.

My problem at this moment seems to be that the templates offered “do not correspond” with the tutorial of the v2 page.
What i mean is: i create an app via the CLI and open the files in brackets.
Then i go to the components page of ionic and i.e. copy the code for the input button into one of the html files.
It appears but does not work.

For example at this link in the tutorial:
they mention the @app with the template URL - i can not find that in the template.

So this is a bit irretating for newbies like me.

Thanks for your time!