Newbie ionic 2

what i am looking for is to connected mysql with node mysql . how can i add this package to the project ?

google it, man. Here client side.

no need to be rude here…

@zainali95 what are you trying to achieve exactly? Do you have any code yet? Are you trying to use your own provider to communicate with your mysql database?

Need more infos here to be able to help you out the right way!

i want to make a chat app using rdbms cause i can not do relationship stuff good in nosql db so thats why i am looking for something to use as a back end .I want to use remote mysql data base .i had made todo app in ionic 1 using php now i want to upgrade the level to make an app end to end java script :slight_smile:

No need to be mixed the rudeness with the real answer. He will find the 100500 professional articles, how do it step by step. But if you want to write 100501 article, so…

Obviously this is a matter of personal preference, but I think JavaScript is a really bad language for any purpose, but an absolutely horrible choice for web application servers, especially because of the siren song of “end to end”. That encourages unhealthy coupling between client and server-side code.

There are plenty of other options (personally, Golang is my favorite), but JavaScript would be way down near the bottom of the heap.

What about node js? All scripting programming has its advantages and its disadvantages.

The only advantage I see in JavaScript is that since it’s easy to write interpreters for, it’s widely supported on a bunch of platforms. IMHO, the #1 most important language feature when writing application tier servers is concurrency, and Node.js does a poor job there due to lack of language support. Promises are better than callback hell, but still nowhere nearly as smooth as goroutines.

Um… Interesting. Do you know that you could use js worker, if you need to run your code in another thread? It like goroutine, doesn’t it?

However the disadvantages in Go is unique syntax ) And what about OOP?

PS thank you, I became interested in the language.

@rapropos u mean i should make RESTful api on php and on top of it i use ionic as a front-end it is so ?

I’m not a huge fan of PHP either, because I think it facilitates spaghetti. However, it’s really not my place here to impose my personal opinions about languages. I probably shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.

You are right. But I don’t think what RESTful API on PHP it’s great idea, however RESTless API will be fine on PHP.

Google for some backend example on your favorite language, there are plenty of resources out there :wink:

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Make the backend API with the next PHP Frameworks:

  • Symfony 2.8 or 3
  • Laravel 5.2
  • Slim
  • Silex

And read about JSON Web Tokens:
Role Based Authentication in Laravel with JWT