New to iOnic and android SDK... please help

New to iOnic and android SDK… need help:

  1. I’ve been trying to run android emulator all i get is the launching emulator line and that this might take a while?

Note: I’m running this in a virtual machine and i have nested virtualisation on.

  1. Is the default emulator the best option?


You can try GenyMotion but nothing compares to a real device connected via USB.

Thanks for the info…
What software do you use to transfer to an actual device is it ionicView

No, you can use ionic run android --device or adb install yourApp.apk

thank. I just need to find an android phone now hehe
I take it Windows and iOS wont work the same way :-S

In fact, it’s pretty similar: you run ionic run ios --device

Great thanks just followed the guide and you are right seems straight forward.